Solar Training Filling Up - US Solar Institute’ First 2019 Session

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Solar Training Filling Up - US Solar Institute’ First 2019 Session
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Fort Lauderdale, FL, February 2019 – The US Solar Institute, South Florida’s only licensed solar vocational program, has been having a steady flow of enrollees since the class dates were posted. With more than one month until classes start, the school has confirmed that 2019’s first full session is half full. US Solar Institute prides itself in the hands-on training experienced that cannot be matched by online education. Because this portion of the training is so important for student development, the school limits the class to only 14 students, and decreases the enrollees as the training program becomes progressively more difficult. We suggest to everyone interested in the program to register for the 2019 Solar Training Course.

“We cap the program at 14 students for PV201 and restrict the number of students as the program progresses”, said Ray Johnson, president and founder. “There is so much to be taught in our courses and we like to give students the best solar training experience possible, which is why we only allow such a small number of students. I personally teach the bulk of the material and like to cover it thoroughly. The majority of the people that attend our courses are new to the industry, and as such, many have a lot of questions. With a lot of people asking a lot of questions, we have to limit the head count to be able to address all inquiries and still have enough time to cover the material.” added Johnson. So far, nine of the 14 seats are already reserved. 

The main selling point of this top solar training program is the in-person experience that students get. The solar industry is a technical trade, and it is really difficult to teach a trade over a computer. Anyone can watch some videos online and read some books, but nothing teaches a student how to assemble a system than actually assembling a solar system. “One thing is to watch a video on US Solar Institute’s PV101 on and have someone explain how it theoretically goes together, but it is a completely different thing to pick up a drill, make a hole in the wood, drill down a lag bolt, put the attachment, put the rail, and actually bolt down and wire up a solar panel”, said Jose Gonzalez, senior admissions counselor.  

This 2019 solar training course first session will be one of the most exciting classes because the school has been working on developing a new curriculum for solar panels installation. The school’s ever-changing curriculum makes this solar training program always up-to-date with the industry and what certifying bodies test on. 

About the school: US Solar Institute has been the only Department of Education licensed solar training program in Florida since 2008.