Tigo's New Reclaimed Feature Quantifies the Benefits of Module-level Optimization



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Tigo's New Reclaimed Feature Quantifies the Benefits of Module-level Optimization

Los Gatos, CA - July 3, 2018 - A new, fully transparent monitoring capability showing recovered energy by Tigo’s TS4 proves how solar investments are paying off. Learn more at https://www.tigoenergy.com/products/#tigo-smart-website

What is Tigo's new Reclaimed feature?

Tigo customers utilizing the SMART website's monitoring portal can now see their PV system's Reclaimed energy recovered by Tigo's TS4 optimizers. Reclaimed is equivalent to the extra kilowatt hours generated by a PV system with TS4 optimization. This energy would have otherwise been lost to mismatch caused by shading or degradation. System owners can calculate their PV system's return on investment (ROI) with fully transparent measurements of Total Energy and Reclaimed. As first in the industry to expose customers to the direct contribution of module-level optimization, Tigo is delighted to offer this new feature to the TS4 Platform!

The new Reclaimed feature in the Chart tab of the SMART website's monitoring portal highlights extra kWh recovered by Tigo's TS4 in year, month, day, hour, or minute increments.

Why is Reclaimed important?

Reclaimed confirms the ROI for customers who optimize their PV systems. The energy gain over time resulting from using TS4 helps customers reach their financial goals faster and feel proud of the cost-effective decision they made with Tigo.

To accurately display recovered energy due to mismatch mitigation, Reclaimed requires the following three conditions: 
   1. A PV system with Tigo's Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) and Gateway
   2. A Tigo TS4-M/TS4-R-M (Monitoring) or greater on every module
   3. At least one TS4-O/TS4-R-O (Optimization) or greater deployed on every MPPT