SunWize Releases New Solar Water Pumping Kits



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SunWize is pleased to announce the release of a complete new line of solar water pumping products and corresponding design-integrated Water Pumping Kits (WPK).  SunWize now carries water pumping products and solutions from SunPumps Inc, Franklin Electric, and SunTech Drive.  

To simplify the design and ordering process for our customers, we've released (3) corresponding lines of Water Pumping Kits.  These complete solar array kits provide everything necessary to power the corresponding pumps using solar energy. These WPK are designed to provide optimal array power and voltages based on each pump's specific water curve at various TDH values. Our WPK feature simple, easy-to-use lookup tables based on Total Dynamic Head (TDH) & desired flow rate for various solar resource areas.  Simply calculate the TDH for your project, and select the pump and Water Pumping Kit (WPK) combination that will provide your desired daily flow rate in gallons per day!

Have an existing AC pump that you're looking to power via solar energy?  SunWize now offers SunTech Drive PicoCell controllers, which is an advanced solar pump controller that will accept solar energy in, and provide up to 2HP power for almost any single phase OR three phase AC pump!

View our Water Pumping Products Page Here to Learn More!

You May Also Submit Project Details Using New Online Submission Form!

Just starting out and want to learn about solar water pumping and how it works?  Visit our new water pumping basics learning page to see examples on how to calculate TDH and what the major components of an off-grid solar water pumping system are!

SunWize is excited to now offer our customers a broad range of water focused solutions, including the water pumping hardware, controllers, modules, racking, and balance of systems.  Whether you're working on a simple single outlet well project, or a more complex irrigation system featuring multiple systems, we're here to help!