New SunWize Hybrid Battery Backup Systems



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New Hybrid Battery Backup Systems - Not Just For Oil & Gas

SunWize provides industrial customers with reliable and cost effective power solutions. One of the most significant opportunities we see is the need for reliable battery backup systems for hybrid power sources, which can include fuel cells, traditional generators, thermo-electric generators (TEGs), grid power, solar, wind, and other energy input sources! In most cases, more than one power input type is used simultaneously along with a battery backup system. For example: a TEG, batteries, and diesel generators. Visit our new landing page to understand why this works well!

SunWize has leveraged our years of experience providing hybrid backup systems to showcase our most popular designs, versatile enough for any industry!

Key Features & Considerations
• Versatile and Robust Enclosure Solutions
• Expansive input and output distribution block allows fur up to 16 I/O controls
• Perfect for Heavy Duty Industrial Applications
  >>  Oil & Gas | Automation | SCADA | Construction | Mining | Rail | Pumping | Agriculture
• Flexible DC & AC Energy Input Options
  >>  Fuel Cells | Generators | Thermo-Electric Generators (TEGs) | Grid | Solar | Wind
• Cost Effective Energy Storage Solutions

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