Sunfolding to Supply Trackers for Solar Project in Georgia



San Francisco
United States



Sunfolding today announced that the company will ship its Sunfolding T29™ trackers to a solar project in Georgia. Georgia Power, the largest utility company in the state, will be the offtaker of the project’s power as part of the utility’s 2016 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

Georgia’s solar market has seen dramatic growth over the past five years, as the state moves to diversify its energy portfolio with investments in both utility scale and distributed generation solar. This movement towards a larger renewable energy mix is due to the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) requirement that Georgia Power add solar investments to long-term power plans, as detailed in the IRP.

“Georgia’s market is unique, in that the boom is happening in an entirely market-driven atmosphere,” noted Ryan Kelly, Sunfolding’s VP of business development. “Georgia Power sees solar as the most cost effective way to serve their rate payers. Technological advances, like the Sunfolding T29, continue to drive down the cost for installing and operating solar power plants, ensuring that we see more of this state-wide renewable adoption, with coal and nuclear becoming economically unviable.”

As megawatts of solar power get deployed in the state, high performing, low maintenance systems will ensure the continued growth and success of the program. The Sunfolding T29’s motor-free, wear-free tracker rows require minimal maintenance during the system’s operational lifetime and the tracker is showing a 99.9% uptime.

About Sunfolding

Sunfolding designs and manufactures PV power plant solutions built to last for generations. Sunfolding’s flagship product, the Sunfolding T29 tracker, features a streamlined and inherently robust architecture that makes design and installation a breeze with fewer components and greater layout flexibility. Fewer components and zero wear surfaces translates to smooth power plant operations and nothing but uptime.

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