Solaria PowerXT® High Efficiency Modules added to Sunlight Financial Approved Vendor List





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Solaria PowerXT® High Efficiency Modules added to Sunlight Financial Approved Vendor List

AUG. 29, 2018 – Solaria, global provider of solar module technologies, and Sunlight Financial, a leading national platform for residential solar and energy storage lending, today announced that Solaria’s PowerXT® modules have been added to the company’s approved vendor list. The companies’ new relationship is going to empower additional homeowners to generate clean, renewable, reliable electricity.

“We’re very excited that Sunlight Financial has added Solaria and its flagship PowerXT modules to its approved vendor list,” said Solaria CEO Suvi Sharma. “Sunlight Financial recognizes that the PowerXT module is one of the industry’s bankable solar products.  Combining Sunlight Financial’s loan products with Solaria’s efficient and aesthetic modules provides tremendous value for homeowners keen to deploy solar energy.”

Solaria has created a new standard in module efficiency, resulting in significant reductions in system costs.  Not only does its high energy yield module accelerate the payback period, it’s extremely aesthetic, helping make solar an attractive investment from both an appearance and performance perspective. The company’s high output PowerXT modules  —60 cell equivalent, with a black back sheet— are built on the company’s patented technology and module assembly processes. PowerXT significantly boosts power generation while eliminating reliability challenges that can reduce conventional PV modules’ long-term performance. 

In order to meet rapidly growing customer demand for its modules, Solaria has ramped up its manufacturing in Silicon Valley –a showcase for the company’s reliance on American ingenuity and innovation–  and overseas.  Solaria serves customers in North America, as well as select international markets.

About Solaria
Solaria Corporation is a solar technology company that is paving the way for distributed, clean power generation through optimized solutions for a range of applications.  Leveraging its proven core technology, field performance and sophisticated automation.  Solaria delivers solutions that address a unique set of requirements for residential and commercial solar markets.  Solaria headquarters are in California.  For more information, please visit

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