Sol-Ark Announces EMP Proof Multi-mode 8K Inverter



United States



We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new Sol-Ark 8K, the most efficient Multi-Mode Inverter on the market--and the only one built to survive a Nuclear EMP and Solar Flare. All for a lower cost than other less-capable systems.

We just completed MIL-STD-461G testing at 2x the required EMP intensity. The same system, panels, and appliances were hit 140 times at >100KV/m without damage.
DC Coupled battery inverters have ~14% system level losses converting solar power to AC power. Our next generation design delivers a record setting 4% losses. We will be presenting the DC Transformerless innovation at Solar Power International 2018.

The Sol-Ark 8K internally manages power from multiple sources: 12KW Grid, 10KW Solar, Batteries and Generator. When operating without grid power, our Configurable Smart Load output allows you to run high powered 240V loads without using up stored power.

For off-grid applications our 20,000W Peak Power allows starting heavy-duty well pumps, air conditioners, and air compressors that overload less powerful inverters. Our Color Touchscreen Interface makes it easy to program and monitor (remote monitoring capability also standard).

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