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One-year anniversary of a new solar project with dual-axis trackers
by Mechatron Solar

STOCKTON, CA, October 16, 2018 /PRNewswire
Mechatron-Solar, Inc. with headquarters in Stockton, CA, announces the one-year operation anniversary of a 723KW solar system with twenty-four (24) D170 Gearless Dual-Axis Trackers in a large industrial facility in Escalon, California. The system was comprised of Talesun 335W modules and SolarEdge inverters with optimizers.
Energy production was tracked and collected by the SolarEdge portal monitoring power and energy yielding and data was used to run analysis of the “broad shoulder” production curves of the dual-axis tracker.  The analysis revealed several important elements
1. The actual kWh production during the 7/2017 to 7/2018 timeframe from the D170 gearless dual-axis trackers surpassed PVSyst estimates by about 3%.  The analysis showed several months with great discrepancy between real numbers and PVSyst projections that were attributed to weather conditions.
2. Increased production of gearless dual-axis trackers, compared with fixed racks and horizontal single-axis trackers, far exceeded the increase in cost.  The gearless dual-axis trackers produced about 16% more kWh than horizontal single-axis trackers, and about 37% more than ground mount fixed-tilt racks. In addition, the increase in revenues were further enhanced by the time-of-use (TOU) rate structure which compensates with higher rate factors the additional evening energy production.  Gearless dual-axis trackers produced about 21% more revenue than horizontal single-axis trackers, and 45% more than ground-mount fixed racks at the same site.
3. During the first year of operating the 24-trackers solar system the measured and documented operational uptime reached 99.78% with only 240 hours of downtime for all 24 trackers for the whole year. The corrective actions and adjustments during the first year of operating the trackers is projecting an uptime increase to 99.92% for the next 12-month period.

                           Actual             PVsyst            Delta
                           Production     Estimate          with
Month                 (MWh)            (KWh/KW)     PVsyst

June 2017           183,000          185,385         -1.30%
July 2017             192,456          202,429         -5.18%
August 2017        169,860          185,254          -9.06%
September 2017 152,064          160,213           -5.36%
October 2017      146,568          135,565             7.51%
November 2017    94,836            92,955              1.98%
December 2017   112,476           83,515             25.75%
January 2018         66,564           84,826            -27.44%
February 2018     135,408            93,217             31.16%
March 2018         126,096           129,272              -2.52%
April 2018            167,592           152,871                8.78%
May 2018            199,044           184,468                 7.32%
Average KWh/KWp 2,417               2,339                 3%

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