New Smart Charging Modules for DLS Battery Chargers

IOTA Engineering





IOTA has released six new IQ Smart Charge Control Modules for use with IOTA DLS Series Battery Chargers. Similar to IOTA’s current IQ4 Smart Charge Controller, these new IQ smart-charging options interface with existing IOTA DLS chargers to allow the charger to automatically adjust voltage and current for optimal charging of the connected battery. The new automatic IQ Smart Charge Controllers are the IQ-Turbo, IQ-Equalizer, IQ-Lifepo, IQ-AGM, IQ-Gel, and IQ 40-hour. Each delivers a carefully adjusted algorithm that allows battery users to utilize the same DLS charger for several unique battery charging scenarios.

The new IOTA Smart Charge Controllers easily connect to the IOTA charger via the DLS Dual Voltage Jack, a simple ‘phone-jack’ style port that allows the IQ cable to securely snap into the charger. Once connected, the IQ Smart Charge Controller detects the connected battery and the smart-charging function is automatically engaged. The wide selection of smart charging modules and simple interface enables PV systems, or other battery applications, to use the currently installed DLS charger for optimal battery maintenance even if the battery is later replaced with a new technology, such as replacing flooded lead acid batteries with a gel, AGM, or LiFePo battery type.