Off-Grid Systems Requested Now More Than Ever

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Fort Lauderdale, FL – After being struck by two major hurricanes, Florida and the Caribbean are in dire need of energy storage. Hurricane Irma destroyed the Florida Keys, and many residents went days and weeks without any power. This made life almost impossible, even for those with generators. Generators need fuel, and once that runs out, alternative energy means is a must in today’s society. Some residents have solar systems installed on their home, but these are gird-tied systems, and safety measures shut off inverters if the grid is down. Having a grid-tied system has its advantages, but it won’t run if the grid is down. Although there are panels, the energy isn’t being stored in batteries or other storage units, rendering this electricity useless.
Puerto Rico got destroyed by Hurricane Maria, which struck the island as a category 5 storm. Their entire electrical grid got destroyed, and it’ll be months, if not years, before they can get everything up and running again. Their centralized electrical grid took a beating during this last storm, which puts more pressure on having distributed power generation (mini solar grids). It’s times like these we learn and are reminded that power backup is essential.
Ever since the wrath of these storms hit the peninsula and the island, US Solar Institute (a renowned solar training college) and Florida Solar One (South Florida’s premier solar installation company) receive hourly calls now to either fixed the damaged systems, upgrade the grid tied to an off-grid, or to straight install a battery-backed solar system. People are coming to realize that having energy storage is critical in areas where storms may cause power outages for extended periods of time.
“The amount of calls we are getting for battery-backup installation training is absurd; we get calls every hour from people interested becoming off-grid experts” said Jose Gonzalez, senior admissions counselor at The US Solar Institute. “We have focused more on grid-tied systems, since they are vastly more popular than off-grid ones, but we are going to start dedicating more time and effort into battery-backed systems, due to popular demand,” he added.
Florida Solar One employee, Oliver Solorzano, said that he gets calls every day from people affected by the storms to quote and price up a battery-backed solar system. Most of these individuals are enamored by the Tesla Powerwall, but after educating them better, they come to realize that there are better off-grid solutions.

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