Antaisolar provided solar racking for a 50MW project in Qinghai, China


LSS project, a firm pace on the road

In December, a 50MW PV Poverty Alleviation Project in Qinghai, China, which is provided by Antaisolar with ground solar mounting solutions, has been successfully connected to the grid. This project is the largest ground PV solar mount project supported by Antaisolar to date, and is also the largest PV poverty alleviation project undertaken by Antaisolar. It is significant to help Qinghai to get rid of poverty and gain continuous increase income.

Antaisolar engineers combined with local multi-angle complex terrain to provide a ground solar mount solution with  north-south direction and east-west direction adjustable. Besides, the local wind speed is 0.33KN/m2, the snow pressure is 0.30KN/m2, and the design racking span is 4.2m.

Against the trend in industry ‘winter’, performance exceeded expectations

In 2018, the installed capacity of domestic PV projects provided by Antaisolar was more than expected; As a leader in focusing on aluminum profile for 13 years, it has built a complete aluminum profile industry chain from ingot melting, extrusion, anodizing, powder coating, fine finishing to packing. Antaisolar has supported dozens of over 10MW large-scale projects, and has rich experience in designing complex cases such as slopes and snow. In the past two years, in addition to continuously improve production capacity, we also focus on accelerating cooperation between enterprises and universities to implement the strategic deployment of production, study and research. Antaisolar will improve the customer service system to realize the standardization, specialization and refined management of services.

In the upcoming years, Antaisolar will continue to meet the green development needs. Adhering to the philosophy of "building a low carbon world ", Antaisolar looks forward to working with all the friends to achieve win-win cooperation!
2019 is loading and we are ready.