Antaisolar provided ground solar racking for a 9MW solar plant in Malaysia


Recently, Jasmine Huang, President of Antaisolar, was invited to participate in the ground breaking ceremony of the 9MW ground PV project in Kedah, Malaysia. This project is the first large-scale solar ground project that Antaisolar provided solar racking solution since its efforts in Malaysia. Previously, Antaisolar has supported many local projects in Malaysia for different scale, the large onethis time still chooses Antaisolar, indicating the recognition and trust from the partners.

The ground-breaking ceremony was held with the presence of members of the Malaysian royal family which fully demonstrating the Malay government's strong support for local clean energy development and becoming another milestone for Antaisolar in the Malaysian market.

The launching of the ground-breaking ceremony officially kicked off the PV power station project. Antaisolar will continue to cooperate with local partners to provide high-quality and convenient solutions for the project.

Although PV ranks the best-developed sector in the renewable energy domain in Malaysia, aluminum solar mounting systems haven’t been popular in the Malay market. In this project, Antaisolar Aluminum solar mounting system stood out among the competitors, which proved that Antaisolar possesses unique advantages.

As an outstanding enterprise in aluminum solar rackings, Antaisolar will keep blooming in Japan, Australia, South Korea, Brazil, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. It is expected that aluminum production capacity would increase by 30% in 2019 compared to 2018, helping everyone enjoy the vision of clean electricity.