PVOL303: Solar Training- Advanced PV Multimode and Microgrid Design (Battery-Based) Online

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Solar Energy International
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Monday, August 20, 2018 to Sunday, September 30, 2018


United States
$595.00 USD

Among the most complex PV systems, multimode systems and microgrids have many applications and demand for them is growing fast. Whether powering a campus, providing backup for when the grid is down, or reducing peak demand, there are numerous benefits of PV systems with energy storage that can interact with the utility grid ­ or act as their own grid. Lessons in PVOL303 include detailed design considerations for AC and DC coupled systems, as well as numerous examples for each, along with an in-­depth presentation on designing a stand-alone microgrid. National Electrical Code (NEC®) requirements and best practices that pertain to these systems are addressed, including interconnection with the utility grid, along with maintenance and commissioning procedures and requirements.

What you will learn:

Courses include detailed system sizing calculations and exercises, and students will explore design considerations unique to grid-tied battery-based systems. In-depth design examples include both DC-coupled systems and AC-coupled systems. This Course is ideal for solar professionals planning to design and install grid-tied battery-based systems, and who have been working in the grid-direct market and need to learn more about battery-based systems in preparation for the NABCEP Solar PV Installer Certification Exam.

  • Charge controller and array sizing considerations
  • System types, system goals, and load analysis
  • Specifying multimode inverters
  • DC-coupled multimode systems
  • Design examples including load analysis, system sizing, and equipment specification
  • Metering and programming dc-coupled multimode systems
  • Safety, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • AC-coupled and micro-grid systems
  • Applications overview
  • Design examples with load analysis and system sizing
  • Metering and programming AC-coupled systems
  • Safety, maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • NEC 2014 requirements for battery-based PV systems and installation best practices

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ISPQ Training Program Accreditation
Registered provider of the NABCEP Entry-Level PV Exam