PV and the 2017 National Electric Code with Sean White

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Devens Common Center
31 Andrews Parkway
United States
$179 (Only $99 with altE Solar Conference Registration)

PV and the 2017 NEC Code Training with Sean White.

This workshop will be jam-packed with 2017 NEC insight and interpretation. Sean teaches PV courses around the world and has authored 4 books, the most recent being Photovoltaic Systems and the National Electric Code, co-authored with Bill Brooks. Sean will fill you up with as much information as possible in one day, while entertaining you at the same time. He will compare and contrast the 2014 NEC to the 2017 NEC, with special emphasis on the rapid shutdown and interconnection requirements of the Code. There will also be limited insight into the 2020 NEC, which has had the preliminary proposals already presented. 6 hours NABCEP Training.

Note: Basic knowledge of the NEC is required since Code basics will not be addressed.

Sean White's Bio:
Sean White is a highly experienced PV educator with thousands of hours teaching entry level, intermediate and advanced PV classes at solar training centers primarily throughout North America. Many hundreds of his students are employed at both startup and leading solar companies. Sean also designs commercial and residential PV systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has many years of practical work experience at Fidelity Roof and Local Power in California.

Some of the places Sean has experience teaching PV include California, New Jersey, Ontario Canada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Costa Rica & China.

Sean is a NABCEP certified in PV Installer, holds the NABCEP Technical Sales Certification, a licensed C46 Solar Contractor in California and a California Licensed Electrician. Sean’s approach appeals to both beginners and solar experts looking to expand their knowledge. Student evaluations demonstrate that Sean’s knowledge, passion, and pedagogy are outstanding. Keeping students excited, awake and informed is the trilogy of Sean’s learning theory. Sean is excited about an industry that doubles every year, while improving the quality of life for all and will make sure to share that excitement. He finds great satisfaction in sharing his knowledge of PV with his students.

Sean White has worked on and is actively consulting on many PV projects throughout the world.

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