Morningstar Solar Charge Controllers

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Morningstar Corporation
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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Morningstar Corp
8 Pheasant Run
United States

Click on a link below to register for the August 15th webinar at a time that is convenient for you:

    9am US Eastern Time

    2pm US Eastern Time

    9pm US Eastern Time

As the category leader for 25 years, Morningstar has had the time and means to learn more about charge controllers than all our in-class competition combined.

Each month, we share that knowledge with solar industry professionals and enthusiasts who want to sharpen their skills and strive for system excellence.

Please join us this month as we cover the latest in charge controller and inverter technologies, and take advantage of our engineering staff who can directly answer your questions.  Learn about:

  • Battery Charging stages
  • Differences between PWM and MPPT Controllers
  • Effects of Oversizing PV Arrays
  • Efficiency variations with output power
  • Electronic and environmental protection
  • Controller/Inverter features and accessories
  • High voltage charge controllers

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