Fuel Cells in Hybrid Solar & Battery Systems

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


United States

SunWize and USSI, two leading names in distributed power, are coming together to present an informative webinar encompassing all aspects of a Fuel Cell UPS Power System. You will learn everything from design elements to best practices regarding fuel cells and how they interface with energy storage systems.

Fuel cells are ideally suited for back-up power needs for critical infrastructure such as railway crossings and signals, traffic lights on major highways and evacuation routes, and emergency communications. USSI Fuel Cells have been proven in numerous harsh environment installations. Powered by commercially available propane or natural gas, the unit can go untended for extended periods of time, monitoring the state of batteries and turning on to recharge them as needed. Autonomous solar power & energy storage integrate together with the base-load power capabilities of the fuel cell to create a reliable system perfect for powering a variety of devices in many industries, including O&G, Mining, Rail, Telecom, and many others!

Webinar Topics:
- Basic Definitions
- Fuel Cell Functionality
- Fuel Cell Types
- Benefits of adding Fuel Cells to UPS Systems
- Integration between Solar, Energy Storage, and Fuel Cell Hybrid Systems

Join Tom Westrich, Chief Engineer at USSI and Rob Rallo, Senior Engineer at SunWize Power & Battery for this exciting webinar covering the latest in cutting edge fuel cell, hybrid, and distributed power technologies!

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