EE102 For Solar - Part 2 of Electrical Engineering Theory for Solar Applications

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018


1337 Main St
United States

Electrical Engineering 102 for Solar Applications will explore advanced electrical concepts, as they relate to solar, beginning where we left off in EE101 for Solar Applications, which can be viewed here. This presentation , led by Senior SunWize engineer Rob Rallo, is designed for those with some amount of background in either solar or electrical engineering basics, such as Ohm’s law.

The  first topic this presentation will cover is voltage drop.  Excessive voltage drop can result in electrical equipment not functioning correctly, or transmission signals not being received. Voltage drop is important in solar because sometimes there are long distances that cables must run between major components of the system (solar array, controls, batteries, etc.).

The second topic we will cover is how to read a schematic drawing, including definitions on symbols, examples, common layouts, and much more.

The last section of the webinar will cover loop analysis and nodal analysis, including Kirchoff’s laws, and how that applies to wiring in series and parallel.

Don’t miss this opportunity to refine your understanding of solar electrical theory!

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