Advanced 5-Day Solar Workshop - April 26th-30th

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Friday, April 26, 2019 to Tuesday, April 30, 2019


4000 Caven Rd
United States

This course is intended for individuals who want to participate in an all-around, hands-on solar training experience. Our Advanced Solar PV Project Experience 5 Day Workshop prepares you to plan, design, and implement solar PV projects using the latest technologies.

Why Join ImagineSolar's 5-Day Solar Workshop?

-Gain the skills needed to design and implement solar projects.

- Training designed and led by solar industry experienced instructors who have acheived NABCEP Certification.

-Receive 40 Advanced Training Hours towards the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification Requirements.

What's included:

-Solar Industry Catalog and Design Guide

-ImagineSolar's PV Workbook Binder

-Hands-on labs such as:

  • Rail-less Mounting Installation Lab w/ Ecolibrium Solar's EcoX
  • Grid-tied PV Installation & Commissioning Lab w/ SolarEdge's DC-Optimizers & Ecolibrium Solar's EcoFoot2+
  • Rail-based Flashing and Mounting Lab w/ SnapNrack's Series 100 and UltraRail Systems
  • Site Assessment Lab w/ The Solar Pathfinder & The Solmetric Suneye
  • EcoFoot 5D High Density Ballasted Racking System
  • Enphase Energy's Microinverter System + IQ Battery

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Meet Your Instructors

Michael Kuhn - Master of Science: School of Engineering & Applied Science, Washington University in St. Louis; Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin; NABCEP Emeritus, PV Installation Professional™; NABCEP-Certified PV Technical Sales Professional™; serves as a member, NABCEP PV Technical Committee.

Doug Soester - Economics Studies at the University of Texas at Austin; formally NABCEP-Certified PV Installation Professional™; Solar Contractor for multiple PV projects.

Feedback From Our Workshop Alumni

“This is one of the best courses I have ever taken (30+ years as an engineer and thermographer with lots of continuing educations classes). Lots of practical information and examples – all the instructors are knowledgeable and have tons of experience in the industry.” - Alan K., Civil Engineer & Inspector

“The workshop was very good overall. It was much more intense than I anticipated, but was also very helpful and extremely intellectually stimulating!” - Christy Phillips

“ImagineSolar provided not only a pathway to the NABCEP Certification Exam, but also in-depth installation experience on cutting-edge solar technology including AC-coupled bimodal systems, micro-inverters, dual-axis trackers, and cylindrical CIGS modules as well as traditional solar technology.” - Jack Payne, Owner, B.J. Electric

“I had studied PV quite a bit before this workshop. However, I learned so much more in one week that I will gain the cost of the workshop back in a very short time as I ramp my business into solar.” - Ernest Hill

“The class was certainly a lot more than I expected. I really liked the way we were introduce to the science of solar power in that we covered mathematics, theory, electrical calculation brush up, solar system layout pertaining to the earth and the sun, the advances in solar power especially in other countries (Germany, Japan) and the need to take advantage of such an abundant source. I really appreciated the opportunity to do the hands on portion with the knowledgeable instructors around especially with equipment new to us. The breaking up into groups to perform the difference phases of installations, calculations and equipment introduction was an excellent idea. All three instructors did a great job and seemed really enthused with their work. I really think that the NJATC needs to look closely at inserting some solar power training into the apprenticeship program as I can see the need for qualified and safety orientated personnel being of great demand in the future if not now.” -Tino Vasquez, Vice President, Scott Electric Company

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Training Information

Michael Kuhn
Course Instructor Credentials: 
NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification
NABCEP PV Installer Certification
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Registered provider of the NABCEP Entry-Level PV Exam