About SolarPro

SolarPro concluded its decade-long publishing run with its November/December 2018 issue. If you purchased a print subscription to SolarPro and would like a refund for the value of the remaining issues, please email us at refund@solarprofessional.com. Open access to SolarPro’s 10-year digital archive will be available at www.solarprofessional.com in early 2019.

Team SolarPro

Joe Schwartz, Publisher and CEO
Kathryn Houser, Managing Editor
David Brearley, Senior Technical Editor
Ryan Mayfield, Technical Editor
Blake Gleason, Engineering Editor
Gail Nelson-Bonebrake, Copy Editor
Nancy Cutler, Creative Services Director
Kim Bowker, Eastern States Advertising Director
Connie Said, Western States Advertising Director
Doug Puffer, Data Manager