Getting Involved in the IECRE

The IECRE provides a single global certification for PV, wind and marine energy systems and defines how accredited organizations issue certificates and to whom. The current list of IECRE documents is available on the IECRE website ( There are three primary ways to participate in the IECRE.

  1. Join the IECRE community. Industry stakeholders can join the IECRE community through their national committee. The national committees for the US and Canada are the American Renewable Energy Standards and Certification Association ( and the Standards Council of Canada (
  2. Perform inspections or issue certificates. Accredited organizations can apply to perform IECRE inspections and issue certificates. IECRE OD-406 includes the application form and requirements for certification and inspection bodies.
  3. Use the IECRE. Streamline quality assurance by asking your business partners in the PV sector to use the IECRE.

IECRE certificates are available now. Test labs, investors, engineers, installers, manufacturers and consumers can begin using this new system as a way to improve PV reliability and simultaneously reduce expenses. Harmonized international quality assurance certifications will increase PV bankability, minimize cost and reduce failure risks.