PPC Solar: Residence by Prull Custom Builders

This custom home, constructed by Prull Custom Builders, is located in a neighborhood with strict homeowner association rules that limit the visibility of solar arrays and exclude ground-mount PV installations. To complicate matters, the home design includes a rooftop deck that provides stunning views, but limits the amount of roof space available for modules. PPC Solar worked closely with the project’s architects to design a visually attractive array composed of roof- and awning-mounted modules installed on the dwelling’s attached garage and workshop.

Using Google SketchUp, PPC Solar created a model of the home, including the rooftop deck and the proposed solar array. The model views corresponded to the eye-level height of the homeowner to verify that the array would not obstruct the mountain views. The designer then dropped the model into Google Earth to show the nearby terrain.

PPC Solar placed the roof attachments, and a local roofing company sealed them as part of the new roof construction, maintaining the roof’s warranty. PPC Solar installed six of the array’s 24 Kyocera modules on the front of the garage and workshop.

Installers located the Fronius inverter outside, adjacent to the main fused disconnect for the 400 A utility service. The inverter’s ac output circuit runs underground to the garage where the main distribution panel is located. PPC Solar made the  utility point of connection on the load side of the panel.

“Taking care of the aesthetic aspects of the array from the beginning really helped us plan the actual installation. Once we knew how it needed to look, the installation went very smoothly. The homeowners and architects are very pleased with the end result.”

Daniel Weinman, PPC Solar


DESIGNER: Daniel Weinman, president and CEO, PPC Solar, ppcsolar.com

LEAD INSTALLER: Chris Lopez, PPC Solar



LOCATION: Santa Fe, NM, 35°N

SOLAR RESOURCE: 5.8 kWh/m2/day

ASHRAE DESIGN TEMPERATURES: 88°F 2% average high, -9°F extreme minimum



Equipment Specifications

MODULES: 24 Kyocera KD210GX-LPU, 210 W STC, +5/-0 W, 7.9 Imp, 26.6 Vmp, 8.58 Isc, 33.2 Voc

INVERTER: Single-phase 240 Vac service, one Fronius IG Plus 5.0-1 UNI, 5 kW, 600 Vdc maximum input, 230–500 Vdc MPPT range

ARRAY: 12 modules per source circuit (2,520 W, 7.9 Imp, 319.2 Vmp, 8.58 Isc, 398.4 Voc), two source circuits total (5,040 W, 15.8 Imp, 319.2 Vmp, 17.2 Isc, 398.4 Voc)

ARRAY INSTALLATION: Membrane roof, low-slope roof and awning mounts, Unirac SolarMount racking, 180° azimuth, 35° tilt

SYSTEM MONITORING: Fronius Personal Display

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