Panasonic-Coronal: Hanford

Panasonic Eco Solutions partners with Coronal Group to deliver comprehensive solutions for the development, engineering, financing, construction and long-term O&M of PV projects in the commercial, industrial, municipal and small utility markets. The Panasonic-Coronal partnership has developed nine projects in California under its 16.2 MW Central Valley portfolio, including the 3.6 MWdc Hanford PV plant. ImMODO Energy Services and Panasonic built the projects, which have PPAs with Southern California Edison as part of its CREST Feed-In Tariff Program.

Panasonic-Coronal had to consider many elements throughout the various stages of the Hanford development. The generation facility required a conditional use permit (CUP), as is the case for most PV projects in California that export power directly to the grid. The CUP approval process involved extensive archaeological, environmental, biological and wildlife studies that took approximately eight months. In addition, the project required an SCE Rule 21 interconnection approval, a process that took roughly four months.

Once the plan met the appropriate requirements, construction began. Hydraulic equipment drove the foundation piles for the fixed mounting system, eliminating the need for drilling and concrete. The system’s two 1,000 Vdc Eaton Power Xpert Solar inverters and 1,000 Vdc BOS components allowed for high design voltages and reduced the project’s first cost. To ensure the success of this installation, Panasonic is providing comprehensive, ongoing O&M services and a long-term production guarantee.

“Significant solar projects are beneficial to the economy and how we produce and consume energy, but their financial and structural complexities are a big challenge for companies interested in adopting clean, sustainable energy. The Panasonic-Coronal platform is a proven integrated business model that removes those obstacles and helps to deliver affordable, reliable, clean energy.”

Jamie Evans, managing director, Panasonic Eco Solutions


DEVELOPERS: Panasonic Eco Solutions,; Coronal Group,; ImMODO Energy Services,

ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION: ImMODO Energy Services; Panasonic Eco Solutions



LOCATION: Hanford, California, 36.3°N

SOLAR RESOURCE: 5.7 kWh/m2/day

ASHRAE DESIGN TEMPERATURES: 102°F 2% avg. high, 27°F extreme min.



Equipment Specifications

MODULES: 11,800 Jinko JKM305P, 305 W STC, +5/-0%, 8.16 Imp, 37.4 Vmp, 9.05 Isc, 45.6 Voc

INVERTERS: 3-phase 12 kV medium-voltage interconnection; two Eaton Power Xpert Solar 1500 kW, 1,500 kW rated output, 1,000 Vdc maximum input, 550–1,000 Vdc MPPT range

ARRAY: 20 modules per source circuit (6,100 W, 8.16 Imp, 748 Vmp, 9.05 Isc, 912 Voc), two source circuits paralleled in array field (12.2 kW, 16.32 Imp, 748 Vmp, 18.1 Isc, 912 Voc), 10–12 input circuits per combiner, 13 combiners per inverter

ARRAY COMBINERS: 26 Shoals disconnecting combiners

ARRAY INSTALLATION: Custom fixed ground mount designed and manufactured by ImMODO Energy Services, two-module columns in portrait orientation, 180° azimuth, 20° tilt

SYSTEM MONITORING: ImMODO Energy Services monitoring system

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