Moxie Solar: Meisterling Residence

When the Meisterlings were considering a PV system for their residence, they were interested in a high-performance system that did not adversely affect their home’s aesthetics. Moxie Solar took into account the building’s architectural features, including the roof system’s multiple surfaces, and worked with the clients to deliver a system that balanced form and function.

Due to local rebate requirements, module-level dc optimization offered a better return on investment than microinverters for the Meisterling project. The final design includes frameless Lumos LSX 250 Series modules, selected for their aesthetics, paired with SolarEdge’s module-level dc optimizers and string inverter to maximize the system’s production.

The installation required special attention to the conduit runs from the subarrays to the inverter. Each subarray has a junction box installed adjacent to the modules with conduit penetrating the roof surface to conceal the conduit runs. The inverter is located in the basement adjacent to the existing service entrance, which allows a straightforward interconnection and keeps the electrical equipment co-located. This location also allows easy integration of the inverter’s communications with the homeowner’s existing router.

“The final piece of the rooftop puzzle addressed a concern the homeowners and Moxie Solar shared. The house is located in a heavily wooded area with large populations of birds, squirrels and other critters. To protect the array wiring from damage, we installed a black SnapNrack Edge Screen Protector to prevent any issues stemming from nesting birds or other wildlife activity or debris.”

—Jason Hall, CEO, Moxie Solar


DESIGNER: Kyle Troutman, Moxie Solar,

LEAD INSTALLER: Tim Brodersen, operations manager, Moxie Solar



LOCATION: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 41°N

SOLAR RESOURCE: 4.6 kWh/m2/day

ASHRAE DESIGN TEMPERATURES: 91°F 2% avg. high, -15°F extreme min.



Equipment Specifications

MODULES: 27 Lumos LSX 250 Series LSX245-60M-B, 245 W STC, +3/-0%, 8.17 Imp, 30 Vmp, 8.69 Isc, 37.2 Voc

INVERTER: Single-phase 120/240 Vac service, SolarEdge SE6000A-US, 6 kWac, 500 Vdc maximum input, 350 Vdc nominal input (fixed and controlled by inverter); 27 SolarEdge P300 power optimizers, 300 W, 48 Vdc maximum input, 8–48 Vdc MPPT range

ARRAY: Two source circuits, 13 modules (3,185 W) and 14 modules (3,430 W), module-level current output controlled by power optimizers (15 Imp maximum); 6.6 kWdc array total at 350 Vdc nominal

ARRAY INSTALLATION: Flush-to-roof mount, Lumos LSX mounting system, 180° azimuth, 28° tilt

SYSTEM MONITORING: SolarEdge Module-Level Monitoring, SolarEdge Monitoring Portal

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