Juapi Project Services: Parroquia San Antonio de Padua

The Catholic church declared San Antonio de Padua in Guayama, Puerto Rico, a Catholic parish in 1736, the same year the island’s government recognized the town of Guayama. The Institute of Puerto Rican Culture designated the church a historic landmark, which means no one can make any aesthetic modifications or additions to it. This caveat did not deter Juapi Project Services (JPS), the project’s solar integrator. The building next door also belongs to the church, and although the two structures have different electrical systems, JPS used the adjoining building’s roof for the installation.

JPS designed the system to offset all of the church’s electrical consumption. A variety of modules are available for distribution on the island. The project team selected Q Cells Q.Pro modules, which offer a 12-year product warranty instead of the more typical 10-year product warranty many modules carry. The rooftop has minimal shading, so a string inverter with a single MPP tracker was a good fit. JPS opted for SMA SunnyBoy 9000TL-US inverters due in part to their peak efficiency of 98.7%. Because of the high ambient temperatures in Guayama, installers located the inverters indoors to protect them and ensure a longer lifetime. The installation company located the main PV system disconnect at ground level next to the utility meter and point of interconnection with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute and take part in a historical project such as this one that will hopefully, like the works of the parish, bring hope of a better world.”

—Orlando López de Victoria Vélez, PE, Juapi Project Services


DESIGNER: Orlando López de Victoria Vélez, PE, president, Juapi Project Services, juapiprojects.com

LEAD INSTALLER: Steven Benitez, lead electrician, Benitez Saez Electric Service



LOCATION: Guayama, PR, 18°N

SOLAR RESOURCE: 5.5 kWh/m2/day

DESIGN TEMPERATURES: 90°F average high, 61°F extreme minimum



Equipment Specifications

MODULES:120 Q Cells Q.Pro BFR-G3 250, 250 W STC, +5/-0 W, 8.13 Imp, 30.76 Vmp, 8.62 Isc, 37.32 Voc

INVERTERS: 3-phase, 120/208 Vac service, three SMA Sunny Boy 9000TL-US-12; 9,000 W, 600 Vdc maximum input, 345–480 Vdc MPPT range

ARRAY: Array 1 and 2: 13 modules per source circuit (3,250 W, 8.13 Imp, 399.9 Vmp, 8.62 Isc, 485.2 Voc), three source circuits per inverter (9,750 W, 24.39 Imp, 399.9 Vmp, 25.86 Isc, 485.2 Voc); Array 3: 14 modules per source circuit (3,500 W, 8.13 Imp, 430.6 Vmp, 8.62 Isc, 522.5 Voc), three source circuits per inverter (10,500 W, 24.39 Imp, 430.6 Vmp, 25.86 Isc, 522.5 Voc), 30 kWdc array total

ARRAY INSTALLATION: Roof mount, IronRidge XR100 racking, custom aluminum stand-offs, 180° azimuth, 5° tilt

SYSTEM MONITORING: SMA Webbox, SMA Sunny Portal online platform

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