Yaskawa Offers Commercial Rapid-Shutdown Solution

[Lawrence, MA] Yaskawa–Solectria Solar has announced the introduction of its Commercial Rapid Shutdown Combiner for 3-phase string inverter systems. The combiner meets the requirements of Article 690.12 of the 2014 and 2017 NEC, which requires the ability to de-energize dc conductors located outside the array boundary upon loss of ac power to the service. The Commercial Rapid Shutdown Combiner is compatible with Yaskawa’s lineup of seven 3-phase inverter models with power classes ranging from 14 kWac to 60 kWac. The combiner allows operation of one- or two-MPPT zone configurations with up to five strings per MPPT zone.

Yaskawa–Solectria Solar / 978.683.9700 / solectria.com

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