SunPower Offers Equinox System for Residential Projects

[San Jose, CA] SunPower has achieved full vertical integration with its Equinox system. All components, including modules, microinverters, racking and monitoring, are SunPower products and come with 25-year product warranties. The Equinox system includes SunPower ac modules with a factory-installed microinverter, a low-profile InvisiMount rail-based racking and mounting system, and the EnergyLink production and consumption monitoring platform. SunPower’s 96-cell SPR-X22-360-C-AC ac module has a nominal STC rating of 360 Wdc. Its average module conversion efficiency value is 22.2%. On the ac side, the SPR-X22-360-C-AC module has a maximum continuous power rating of 320 W. The Equinox solution supports single-phase 20 A branch circuits of up to 12 ac modules.

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