Sunnovations Releases Solar Hot Water Monitoring System

[McLean, VA] Sunnovations developed its Ohm system to provide low-cost monitoring of residential solar water heating systems. The innovative product measures solar input, backup element input and hot water energy usage. Its design eliminates the need for a dedicated flow meter, which is typically cost prohibitive in residential solar heating systems. An in-tank sensor, installed via the storage tank’s temperature and pressure relief valve, measures temperature over the entire height of the tank. A tank-mounted monitor transmits temperature data wirelessly to a bridge that is connected to the home’s router. The router then transfers this data to a web-based application for remote viewing. An online dashboard displays the amount of solar-heated water available, along with several other system parameters to help homeowners optimize their hot water usage. The Ohm monitor can be incorporated into single- or dual-tank installations and retrofitted to existing systems.

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