SunLink Adds Utility-Scale Ground Mount

[San Rafael, CA] Widely known for its ballasted low-slope roof mounts, SunLink is introducing a new ground-mount solution for large commercial and utility-scale solar plants to its product portfolio. The Utility Scale Ground Mount includes fully integrated equipment grounding and wire management, is compatible with all module types and allows for tilt angles ranging from 15° to 30°. The design can handle changes in grade up to 12% and has built-in 3-inch vertical and 1-inch east-west/north-south adjustment, as well as +/-5° rotation adjustment to mitigate the impact of variations in site grade and post placement. The racking structure can be used with a variety of post options, including ground screws and driven piles (I-beam, pipe and custom), and it can facilitate preassembly of three or four module panels to increase installation efficiency. The Utility Scale Ground Mount carries a 20-year warranty and is ARRA and Ontario FIT compliant.

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