Solmetric Improves Site Analysis

[Sebastopol, CA] Solmetric announced the launch of the SunEye 210, a handheld electronic instrument for solar site evaluation. Like the SunEye 110, the 210 provides analysis of shade and solar access for site evaluation and energy production estimates using a calibrated fisheye lens and a patent-pending digital image processing technique. The 210 enhancements include an electronic inclinometer and compass for roof pitch and azimuth measurements, one-handed device control, extended battery life and a live preview mode with the sun path adapting to the position of the instrument. The companion SunEye Desktop software is enhanced for compatibility with both the 110 and 210 models. Solmetric also announced the acquisition of Sun Tracker from Imeasure Systems. Sun Tracker is an Apple iPhone 3GS application for preliminary site assessment that uses the iPhone’s compass and inclinometer functions to estimate solar access. It provides a convenient and costeffective preliminary assessment for iPhone users, complementing the precision and convenience of the SunEye’s single-shot skyline exposure.

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