SolarEdge Extends Commercial Inverter Range

[Fremont, CA] SolarEdge is enhancing its value proposition in commercial applications with an extended inverter range that offers capacities up to 100 kW. The new platform is modular in nature, offering design flexibility, ease of installation and independent servicing. Each inverter consists of a primary unit with an integrated wiring enclosure and either one or two secondary power conversion units. The modular design eliminates the need for a forklift and allows a two-person installation team. SolarEdge provides a custom level for locating the mounting brackets that installers use when hanging the units, as well as plug-and-play cables for connecting the secondary units to the shared wiring enclosure. Installers make all of the dc, ac and communications connections inside the primary wiring enclosure. At commissioning, technicians can simultaneously configure the settings on up to 3.2 MW of inverters.

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