SolarEdge Announces Integrated Automatic Rapid Shutdown

[Fremont, CA] SolarEdge is facilitating compliance with NEC 2014 and NEC 2017 rapid-shutdown requirements by integrating automatic rapid shutdown into its highest-power commercial inverters. Automatic rapid shutdown is designed to activate when the ac supply to the inverters is no longer present. For larger installations with string inverters located in various locations on a commercial rooftop, this helps first responders know that with one action, they can reduce the entire commercial array to a safe low-voltage state. SolarEdge is currently shipping its 3-phase 277/480 Vac SE33.3K-USR inverters and 3-phase 208 Vac SE14.4K-USR inverters with integrated automatic rapid shutdown. These inverters do not replace the standard SE14.4K-US and SE33.3K-US models that allow installation with or without a kit for manual rapid shutdown

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