SMA Redesigns Commercial Inverter Racking System

[Rocklin, CA] Engineered for low-slope rooftop applications, SMA America’s second-generation ReadyRack is a fully integrated, preassembled and prewired roof-mount rack that includes all balance-of-system components. The turnkey solution includes a Sunny Tripower TL-US inverter, an SMA Connection Unit (an eight-string combiner with disconnect), an ac disconnect switch, complete electrical bonding of all components and pre-installed EPDM foot pads for direct placement on the roof surface. The weight of the Ready Rack with all components preinstalled is 180 lbs. Designed for mounting within 10 feet of the PV array, the ReadyRack complies with the NEC 2014 section 690.12 rapid-shutdown requirements. The Sunny Tripower’s integrated dc AFCI ensures optimal safety and minimizes false-positive trips. SMA America offers five ReadyRack variants for compatibility with Sunny Tripower 12 kW–30 kW 3-phase string inverter models.

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