SMA Launches Power+ Optimization Systems

[Rocklin, CA] In April 2016, SMA Technology acquired a 27% stake in module-level power electronics (MLPE) manufacturer Tigo Energy. SMA’s recently launched Power+ Solution leverages this partnership by combining its single-phase Sunny Boy-US inverters, available in six power classes ranging from 3 kWac to 7.7 kWac, with Tigo’s TS4-R platform. The Tigo TS4-R is a modular MLPE retrofit system that integrates up to four features into interchangeable covers that are compatible with the product’s standardized base. Available features include module-level monitoring, NEC 2014 rapid shutdown and NEC 2017 module-level shutdown-compliant functionality, optimization and a long-string functionality that increases allowable PV source-circuit lengths. A unique characteristic of the TS4-R system is that installers can selectively deploy MLPE to meet specific system requirements. For example, installers can equip two modules in close proximity to a rooftop chimney with optimization MLPE to minimize the impact of localized shading. This selective deployment option can be a streamlined, cost-effective approach to increasing PV system functionality and performance.

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