SMA Announces 2,750 kW Sunny Central Inverter

[Rocklin, CA] SMA America’s newest addition to its Sunny Central inverter family has a rated power of 2,750 kVA, making it 10% more powerful than previous models. Designed for high-voltage arrays, the Sunny Central 2750-EV-US has a MPP voltage range of 875 V–1,425 V at 25°C and a maximum dc input voltage of 1,500 V. The product can provide 0.8 lag-to-lead reactive power on demand and has a CEC-rated efficiency of 98.5%. Like previous models, it includes an integrated 8.4 kVA auxiliary power supply for internal consumption and external loads. SMA offers the product as a stand-alone device or as an integrated utility power solution, with a dc combiner, medium-voltage transformer and switchgear, power plant controller and tracker auxiliary rack. For improved harmonization with international standards, SMA is certifying its Sunny Central inverters to UL 62109, an equipment safety standard that applies specifically to PV inverters.

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