SimpliPhi Offers Deep-Cycle Lithium Batteries

[Ojai, CA] SimpliPhi Power developed its deep-cycle lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) Smart-Tech battery models as drop-in replacements for lead-acid batteries in 24 Vdc and 48 Vdc nominal power systems. The UL- and CE-listed Smart-Tech product line does not require ventilation, cooling or thermal regulation. Each battery includes a built-in 80 A dc breaker on/off switch that increases safety during system installation, commissioning and O&M. SimpliPhi Smart-Tech batteries have no memory effect, offer a self-discharge rate of less than 1% per month and an operating efficiency of 98%, and can discharge to 100%. The PHI2.6 model weighs 57.5 pounds and has a rated capacity at C/2 of 2.62 kWh. The higher-capacity PHI3.4 weighs 75.5 pounds and has a rated capacity at C/2 of 3.44 kWh. Both models have an operating voltage range of 20–28.8 Vdc at 25.6 Vdc nominal and 40–57.6 Vdc at 51.2 Vdc nominal. SimpliPhi Smart-Tech batteries have a cycle life of 10,000 cycles and a warranty period of 10 years.

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