Sensata Technologies Introduces Magnum Energy Microinverter

[Almelo, Netherlands] Sensata Technologies designed the Magnum Energy MicroGT 500 inverter with energy storage in mind. These microinverters can communicate seamlessly with Magnum Energy’s battery-based inverters in an ac-coupled application. This integrated approach allows the ac-coupled system to optimize battery charging based on state of charge. The system’s tapered charging is better for a battery than binary (on or off) bulk charging with traditional microinverters and noncommunicating battery-based inverters, since it allows the charger to follow the battery manufacturer’s recommended charging specifications. Each MicroGT 500 has two independent MPPT inputs for two PV modules, which allows for module-level monitoring via the complimentary communication interface. Though the MicroGT 500 is optimized for ac-coupled applications, it also supports grid-direct utility-interactive applications.

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