Schneider Introduces Central Inverters for Energy Storage

[Burnaby, Canada] Schneider Electric’s recently launched Conext Core XC-NA ES central inverters are designed for advanced battery-based energy storage applications. The series includes three models with maximum output power ratings of 540 kVA, 630 kVA and 680 kVA. The inverters are CSA listed to UL 1741 (including IEEE 1547) for 1,000 Vdc applications. The Conext Core XC-NA ES series’ response time makes it suitable for utility-scale energy storage applications such as ancillary services, renewable smoothing and firming, energy shifting, peak shaving and electricity rate optimization. It has a type 3R–rated enclosure for outdoor applications and can be provided as part of a pre-engineered skid-mounted solution (ES Skid).

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