S-5! Releases Trapezoidal Roof Bracket

[Colorado Springs, CO] Metal roofing panels with trapezoidal profiles are common in many commercial and agricultural structures. S-5! has released four new attachment brackets, RibBrackets I–IV, for use with this roofing type. The various bracket models are compatible with specific trapezoidal panel profiles. Designed to straddle the crown of the roofing panel, they secure with suitable fasteners such as hex head screws with sealing washers or Bulb-Tite rivets. Each bracket provides four attachment points. RibBrackets I–IV include a factory-applied EPDM rubber gasket seal on their base for weatherproofing. S-5! designed the product for compatibility with its S-5-PV Kit, Edge Grab or bottom-mount rails. RibBrackets I–IV are not compatible with L-Feet or side-mounted rail systems.

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