Quick Mount PV Releases Tile Replacement Mount

[Walnut Creek, CA] The Tile Replacement Mount by Quick Mount PV eliminates the labor-intensive requirement for tile cutting and grinding when mounting PV arrays to tile roofs. The new mount replaces full tiles and is available in three profiles for compatibility with flat, S-shaped and W-shaped tile profiles. The double-flashed Tile Replacement Mount system uses a universal base mount that is compatible with all three flashing profiles. For stocking and staging flexibility, Quick Mount packages the Base Mount (12 units per box) separately from the Replacement Mount’s Flashing Box, which includes the secondary flashing (12 units per box in W-tile, S-tile or flat-tile profile) and posts. Both the Base Mount box and the Flashing Box include all hardware required to seal and secure the included components. The system is IBC compliant and carries a 20-year warranty.

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