Panasonic Launches High-Efficiency PV Models

[Newark, NJ] Panasonic Eco Solutions North America announced the availability of two high-power and high-efficiency HIT 96-cell modules. The N330 (330 W) model has a module efficiency of 19.7%. The N325 (325 W) model has a module efficiency of 19.4%. First introduced in 1997, Panasonic’s HIT technology has a unique hetero-junction cell structure constructed of monocrystalline and amorphous silicon layers. Two ultrathin amorphous silicon layers prevent recombinations of electrons, minimizing carrier loss and maximizing module efficiency. The recently released N330 and N325 modules feature Panasonic’s current-generation HIT cells. Electrical specifications for the N330 are 5.7 Imp, 58 Vmp, 6.07 Isc and 69.7 Voc. Electrical specifications for the N325 are 5.65 Imp, 57.6 Vmp, 6.03 Isc and 69.6 Voc. Panasonic backs both models with 15-year workmanship and 25-year power-output warranties.

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