OutBack Power Introduces AC-Coupling Solution

[Arlington, WA] The FLEXcoupled system from OutBack Power utilizes an AC-Coupling Center (GSLC 175-AC-120/240) to provide stable electro-mechanical coupling of grid-direct string and microinverters with OutBack’s Radian GS8048 battery-based inverter. The solution is developed to be compatible with a wide range of string and microinverter products as well as array voltages of up to 600 Vdc. The FLEXcoupled solution provides backup for grid-direct systems with up to 6 kW of PV input. Designed for both new and retrofit installations, the full ac-coupling system from OutBack includes the AC-Coupling GS Load Center, Radian GS8048 inverter, MATE3 with mounting bracket, eight EnergyCell 200GH VLRA batteries and a two-shelf integrated battery rack.

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