OutBack Introduces Inverter/Charger

[Arlington, WA] One of OutBack Power’s primary goals for its soon-to-be-released Radian Series GS8048 inverter/charger is to take some of the complexity out of battery-based system design and installation to increase the technology’s modularity—and popularity—in the grid-tie market. The 8 kW Radian inverter/charger is a ground-up redesign that addresses three drawbacks of the company’s current OutBack FX and GTFX lines: It is designed for both grid-interactive and stand-alone applications; it has a splitphase 120/240 Vac output; and it provides dual ac inputs. The GS8048 employs a vented cooling design, has a 48 Vdc nominal input voltage and 30 W idle consumption, and has surge specifications of 16.97 kVA (100 milliseconds), 12 kVA (5 seconds) and 9 kVA (30 minutes). The Radian inverter/ charger features a simplified parallel design that is compatible with systems from 8 to 80 kW. General availability for the Radian GS8048 is targeted for late summer 2011.

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