NEXTracker Launches Tracked Solar-Plus-Storage Solution

[Fremont, CA] NEXTracker, a Flex company, has launched the NX Fusion Plus system, which integrates its self-powered single-axis tracker with a battery, inverter and software to improve PV asset return on investment. Tracked arrays widen the generation curve of PV power plants. The addition of storage further widens a plant’s generation curve by shifting excess energy from peak periods to later in the day. The addition of storage enables a plant to utilize generation that it would otherwise have lost to clipping under high-irradiance conditions. The standard NX Fusion Plus configuration couples a 25 kWdc array integrated with a NEXTracker NX Horizon tracker and data acquisition system with a 25 kWh Avalon VF (Vanadium flow) battery and a 30 kW Ideal Power SunDial Plus 3-port inverter.

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