Kaneka Texas Brings Hybrid Thin-Film Module to US Market

[Pasadena, TX] Japanese PV manufacturer Kaneka has opened a new US office in Texas and introduced a hybrid, dual-layer module that combines a microcrystalline thin-film silicon layer with a second, amorphous thin-film layer. The U-SA110 module is listed to UL 1703 and is rated at 110 W with a power tolerance of +10%/-5%. Compared to Kaneka’s existing G and T series modules, the U series has significantly lower voltage characteristics (71.0 Voc/54.0 Vmp compared to 91.8 Voc/67.0 Vmp), which adds granularity to string sizing options. The increased efficiency of the U series dual-layer approach results in a power density of 8.4 W per square foot, an impressive increase when compared to the 5.9 W per square foot value of Kaneka’s G series modules.

Kaneka Texas / 281.447.0755 / kanekatexas.com

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