IronRidge Announces FlashFoot2 PV Attachment System

[Hayward, CA] Designed and certified for composition shingle roofs, IronRidge’s FlashFoot2 array mounting and flashing system uses a stack of components to elevate the three-tier water seal an inch above the roof plane. The design eliminates life-limited materials, such as EPDM rubber, from the water-shedding plane of the flashing. In addition, FlashFoot2’s twist-on cap fully encapsulates the elevated water seal, obviating the need for a separate L-foot bracket. The product’s design eliminates any offset between the rail and lag bolt, resulting in a concentric load path that transfers forces directly to the lag bolt. As a result, the unit achieves an allowable uplift capacity of more than 1,000 pounds. IronRidge’s FlashFoot2 has passed the UL 441 Section 27 “Rain Test” and TAS 100-95 “Wind Driven Rain” test. It is electrically and structurally certified to UL 2703 and IBC 2016, respectively.

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