Huawei Introduces 95 kW, 1,500 V String Inverter

[Plano, TX] Huawei, the world leader in inverter shipments, is doubling down on 1,500 V string inverters for utility-scale applications. The company’s latest FusionSolar Smart PV Solution is the SUN2000-95KTL-US, a 95 kVA string inverter. The product has 12 source-circuit inputs to six independent MPP trackers, which not only eliminates the need for series-string fuses but also provides design flexibility while maximizing yield. Like its 45 kVA predecessor, the 95KTL uses convection cooling technology, meaning there are no fans or filters to service or replace. To minimize ac losses, the platform uses an 800 Vac output stage. The company claims that its new 95KTL offers the industry’s highest power-to-weight ratio and drastically reduces O&M costs in large-scale PV power systems.

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