Enphase Releases Next-Generation Micro

[Petaluma, CA] With the release of the M215 microinverter, Enphase Energy can match its product line with higher-power modules currently on the market. The new inverter is designed to work with 60-cell crystalline modules, has a CEC efficiency of 96% and comes standard with a 25-year warranty. Enphase also released the new Engage System, which simplifies the microinverter installation process. The system includes the Engage Cable that can be bought to match modules mounted in either portrait or landscape orientation and cut to length to meet custom requirements for each job. The increased wire gauge in the cabling allows up to 4 kW on a single branch circuit, helping to reduce the overall number of wiring connections. In addition, the new Engage Port ACM microinverter port was announced. This device is designed to replace the traditional dc junction box, allowing module manufacturers to integrate Enphase microinverters directly into their product portfolio.

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