Delta Launches Outdoor Energy Storage Cabinet

[San Francisco] Expanding on its suite of solar power inverters and bidirectional power conditioning systems, Delta has launched its new Outdoor Energy Storage System (ESS) Cabinet. For high energy density and a long life cycle, the Outdoor ESS Cabinet integrates lithium-ion battery modules, a battery management system and an HVAC system into an ingress protection 55–rated enclosure. The enclosure prevents the intrusion of dust and water, while the HVAC system provides the thermal management needed in outdoor applications. Designed for medium- and large-scale commercial and industrial applications, Delta’s Outdoor ESS Cabinet is scalable to provide up to 1.32 MWh of storage capacity. System integrators can pair the Outdoor ESS Cabinet with Delta’s bidirectional Power Conditioning System to reduce demand charges, manage time-of-use rates, improve service reliability or provide ancillary services to the utility.

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