Darfon Introduces Third-Generation Microinverter

[Mountain View, CA] Darfon’s third-generation microinverter, the G320, is compatible with 60- and 72-cell modules with STC power ratings of up to 350 W. The microinverter platform has multiple phase configurations and is available in four voltage options that are set at the factory (208 V, 220 V, 240 V and 277 V), making it suitable for deployment in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The G320 has a maximum input voltage of 60 Vdc, an operating voltage range of 22 Vdc–60 Vdc and an MPPT range of 24 Vdc– 45 Vdc. Its continuous power rating is 300 W. A maximum of 19 G320s can be installed on a 30 A branch circuit in 240 Vac systems and up to 66 (balanced) units can be installed on a 30 A 277 Vac circuit. The platform features flexible cabling configurations and can be installed with or without trunk cabling.

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