Clean Energy Credit Union Set to Launch

[Boulder, CO] The National Credit Union Administration recently announced that it has granted a federal charter to a new credit union based in Boulder, Colorado—the Clean Energy Credit Union (CECU). CECU is the first new credit union in Colorado to receive a federal charter in 31 years. It will focus exclusively on providing loans that help members afford to use clean energy products and services. Initially, CECU will offer savings accounts, clean energy CDs and loans for solar electric systems, clean energy vehicles, and energy-efficiency home improvements. It will bring expanded financial services offerings online following the first year of operations; these are likely to include checking accounts, debit cards, credit cards and a wider variety of clean energy–focused loan products. As a cooperative, the credit union is democratically owned, and its members control it on a one-vote-per-member basis. CECU has launched a crowdfunding campaign running through November 12, 2017 (, to support its success.

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